COVID-19 VACCINE COCKTAIL: 2 Parts Poison and 1 Part Insanity

June 2, 2021

Or is it just the reverse?

It is difficult to be absolutely sure whenever one is dealing with the Medical Pharmaceutical Industry!

Now that YOU have had your Covid-19 Vaccination Shots, you probably thought all was well, with no more worries about catching that dreaded and most devastating virus ever known to the modern world: Covid-19!

Sorry “Charlie”, but the CDC - and other medical “super authorities” - are now warning that YOU really are not fully “protected” unless you elect to have one more vaccine injection!

Yes, you read that correctly. The *CDC now has concluded as of June 1, 2021, that due to the “new variants” of the Covid-19 which are cropping up in various parts of the world (reportedly not yet in the United States), it is important that you understand the need for additional “protection” from that dreaded and most deadly virus!

Fear not dear sheep! The Pharmaceutical Industry – along with additional “super medical authorities” like your state and local Medical Authorities – have discovered a “sure-fire vaccine cocktail” just for YOU!

What is this new “medical miracle” you ask???

Very simple!

These medical super authorities are now highly recommending that everyone get at least one shot of each of the Covid-19 Vaccines!

In case you don’t understand, they simply are saying that instead of receiving just two shots of one of the three (3) Covid-19 Vaccines available in the United States, you now should seriously consider getting at least one of the other Covid-19 Vaccines, officially known as a “booster shot”!

WOW! Isn’t this just wonderful!! Now all you obedient and loyal sheep can now rush to your nearest Covid-19 Vaccination Center and get this “booster shot”! Hallelujah!

*As reported on major news media outlets June 2, 2021

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  • And perhaps the worse aspect of all is that there are people "out there" who actually will swallow these CDC recommendations and rush out to get their "booster" shot! :rolleyes:

    • Recent surveys taken on this general subject claim that there are at least 37 percent of the people in the United States who will continue to do what the CDC tells they should do!

      It's called BRAINWASHING!