As a Forum Member can I use my own Avatar?

If you do not select (upload) an Avatar of your choosing, the FIRST TWO LETTERS of your User Name will be used.

Yes, you can use a personal Avatar; however there are size requirements.

Avatars which are under the MIN size requirement will be automatically rejected.

Avatars which exceed the MAX size requirements will be automatically scaled down -

which may not give you what you want to be visible to other Forum members.

If in doubt, contact us via our Contact Form; we will be glad to help you. :)

Will 4wardxposure2 Forum always be a FREE Membership Forum ?

We are a FREE Membership Forum at least for the year 2020.

However, we would appreciate a DONATION in any amount you can afford as it will help us to pay for monthly costs of operating this forum !:)


How can I make a Donation to 4WARDXPOSURE2 FORUM ?


The Administration of 4wardxposure2.com Forum Staff appreciates all DONATIONS !

Please make a donation of whatever amount YOU can afford to give!

YOUR donation helps us meet the financial expenses of keeping this forum active and


DONATIONS can be made via Pay Pal.

Donations are FAST, EASY, and SECURE!

A donation in any amount you are able to make will be greatly appreciated!


CLICK on the "DONATION BOX" located in the Forum Side Bars of either the Dashboard,

Main Forum Page.

You will then be RE-DIRECTED to the Pay Pal Donation web page.

This is a SECURE site!

BILLING: The billing Statement will be shown as "Arena 69 Enterprises"

Fill out all fields shown.

A Confirmation Email of your "Donation" will be sent to you.

Thank you,

Admin and Staff

Why does the Forum Staff ask Forum Members to make a Donation to 4WardXposure2

Since we do not charge for Forum Memberships,

without donations all forum expenses must be paid by the owner of 4WardXposure2.com Forum.

The truth is, operating a forum is expensive -

(please refer to our newly published "Forum Accounting" located under "Administration Messages").

Our total expenses for operating 4WardXposure2 Forum - (for the year 2021) - were $1, 424.00 -

and that does not include our expenses for "Plugins".

We hope all our members (and guests) are enjoying 4WardXposure2 Forum!

Whether you are looking at the hot photos in "Gallery", reading "Articles", or browsing through "Blog" (coming soon!),

or taking part in one of the other "activities" of this forum, please consider making a donation of any amount you

can afford!



Why do I have to be logged in to click on LINKS?

Links which are connected with many posts in this forum require either forum membership or that the "guest", "visitor", or returning Forum Members log in - otherwise only the "link" is shown but not the ability to click on the link - in order to open its contents.

This is necessary because:

ONE - To eliminate as much as possible spamming and flooding on 4wardxposure2 Forum

TWO - With the Apps Gallery and Blog, forum members (and the Forum Staff too) may have posted photos and text which is not suitable for viewing by individuals under 18 years of age.