DESPICABLE: March on the U.S. Capital

  • The Administrator of this forum would like to take this time to say we DO NOT condone the senseless, despicable violence which took place today (January 6 2021) at the United States Capital Building.

    We did however previously predict, using Astrological Analysis, that there very likely could be violence from " ... now (January 5th) through January 21st ... " as posted in another forum topic/ category on this forum.

    If you are a frequent visitor to 4wardxposure2 Forum, you may have noticed we have DELETED a few Members from this forum and their posts.

    We did so because we felt that their comments were either in poor taste or were apparently encouraging or enticing other forum members or visitors to hate or commit perhaps violent acts.


    BOLD, CONTROVERSIAL, and UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS shall eventually "inherit" the NEW WORLD!

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