IMPEACHMENT of President Trump

  • Impracent proceedings are likely to be taken up in the House by January 11th.

    Since the Astrological Aspects are very adverse on January 13th, this would be a likely time that the House Members of the U.S. Congress will vote to IMPEACH President Trump.

    If this is the case, then the vote will "pass" for impeachment.

    The next course of action is in the U.S. Senate, and they will be the body of Congress that passes the motion to CONVICT, or the vote tally for convicting the President will fail and "conviction" will not happen.

    HOWEVER, either way it will be a horrible mark on Trump; and his administration; and further his powers (for his last days in office) will be striped bare for all practical purposes, - including taking away his ability to grant PARDONS.

    BOLD, CONTROVERSIAL, and UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS shall eventually "inherit" the NEW WORLD!

  • I hope 2021 is NOT going to be yet another year from HELL!:(

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