Control Your Environment!

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    One of the worst things any photographer can do is to allow "distractions" to come into

    his or her photographic environment while actively engaged in a photo shoot.

    Although this is especially true with Model Photography, it can potentially occur with any photographic venue.

    Why is this such an important "element" for the photographer to be fully in charge of?

    Because potentially, an excellent or outstanding photo is between NOW and 1 SECOND from now;

    and if YOU have not set down "ground rules", either for yourself OR for someone who may be in your presence (such as the person/s on the side-lines" as in Model Photography), just a spoken word, sneeze, or asking the photographer some silly question that could have just as easily been asked when YOU were through with taking your photo shots,

    can ruin an otherwise successful photo shoot and that "once in a lifetime photo"! ;)

    However not all "distractions" can be avoided 100 percent of the time.

    When the photographer finds himself in such a situation, it is best to just take a "break"; casually talk with the person you are photographing, keeping the conversation on something other than the photo shoot.

    If the case be that the photo shoot is of some other photographic venue - such as Nature Photography -

    just get yourself a cool soda out of your back-pack or ice chest, sit down, and enjoy your surroundings!

    And if it is too late to continue with the photo shoot?

    Tomorrow is another day; relax! It is all part of knowing what to do, when to do it, and most of all knowing we live in an imperfect world. Fretting about what happened (even as bad as a so-called "ruined" photo shoot) isn't going to make things any better.

    The experienced photographer knows when to "call it a day".

    Fate has a strange way of providing the "best" out of what seems to be a "disaster". More than once I have experienced this. So will YOU if confidence in knowing that super photo shot is just waiting to be captured!

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