Why Past Civilizations on Earth Disappeared

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    During a casual conversation this Administrator had with an individual known to him for several years, asked why have past civilizations disappeared

    without leaving any apparent evidence

    as to how these people ceased to live here on Earth.

    It has happened several times in known history of the human race here on planet Earth!

    And already the next "disappearance" is in progress as this is being written!

    The current status of a civilization known as the United States of America is well into its demise -

    but many don't realize it; and still more are in "denial" of it! But in no way will that prevent it from happening!

    "Denial" is a common malady of the human race; it is a flaw in the very substance of their "being"

    (or soul if you prefer).

    What "proof" is there?

    In order to see this or understand it, the individual asking that question must recognize at least the following:


    Nothing - repeat - NOTHING lasts forever.

    That is a fact of the Universe in which we "EARTHLINGS" are but a very small part of.


    Subtle changes - and some not so subtle - can be observed by recognizing the fact that an established civilization continues to exist only as long as its "foundation" remains intact!


    That "foundation" erodes with the changing of its core values; and its 'core values' continue only if the

    caliber of people who made (founded) the 'civilization' in the first place remain in control and are consequently passed onto people with the same goals, motives, and objectives.


    Forum Administrator

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