FORUM RULES - Few and Simple

  • Our Forum Rules are FEW and easy to understand - we DO NOT believe in lengthy and frustrating list of rules which aggravates and PISSES OFF nearly everyone!

    The Rules are as follows:

    1) RESPECT your fellow forum members at all times!

    2) DO NOT post anything which has a sole and direct purpose of agitating or harming others - whether or not they are members of this forum!

    3) NO SOLICITATION OF INDIVIDUALS under the age of 18 for the sole purpose of engaging in sex!

    Violation of the above rules - and/or anything that naturally falls under those three (3) Rules listed - will result in DELETION of your Membership.

    OK, that's it.

    Now enjoy the forum! :)

    BOLD, CONTROVERSIAL, and UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS shall eventually "inherit" the NEW WORLD!

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