PATRICK CANTLAY: Another PGA Victory - FedEx Cup!

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    Patrick Cantlay  :P has once again proved he is a true Golf Professional by winning his 1st FedEx Cup Tournament today at:

    "East Lake" (Atlanta GA)

    Patrick Cantlay 1st Place

    Ron Rahm 2nd Place

    Patrick Cantlay secured his win today at the 16th Hole - even though he wasn't officially the 1st Place Winner

    until 5:46 PM EDT at the 18th Hole.

    He was presented the FedEx Cup Trophy at 5:55 PM EDT.


    The Ryder Cup - To be televised on September 24, 25, 26th on NBC

  • Patrick Cantlay is the greatest!

    Although I am not a Ron Raham fan (2nd Place winner in Sunday's the FedEX Tournament) I couldn't help but notice he congratulated Patrick Cantlay on his winning the FedEx Cup!

    That was in stark contrast to DeChambeau, e.g. how he acted towards Cantlay when

    Cantlay won the previous Tournament!!!

    Sure is good to see some players have a sense of respect towards their fellow players!

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    Hello Corky!

    Yes! You are quite right! Golfer DeChambeau is one very disgruntled and unappreciative individual!

    But the "cold shoulder treatment" DeChambeau gave Patrick Cantlay is just the tip of the ice berg!

    Unfortunately there is a very deep-seated, but officially unrecognized prejudice, against Professional Golfers -

    both on the Golf course and off it - who do not meet the "acceptable" character profile that John Q. Public has placed on them! X(


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