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    On the news tonight (September 12, 2021) there was a report about the big Redwood Trees

    being in danger of extinction from forest fires.

    Between 2020 and this year (2021) more than 15 percent of ALL the big California Redwoods have been burnt up -

    thousands of acres now appear to be like some horrible scene of devastation from a horror movie!

    Only it isn't a movie - it is REALITY!

    And who gives a fuck???

    Virtually no one - and this fact is only going to get worse!


    Because hundreds of thousands of refugee thugs are coming into the United States every month.

    These refugees, 90 percent of whom know nothing of life except killing, causing misery for law-abiding citizens,

    and defacing and destroying property - both in the private and business sector.

    I have seen an abundance of evidence of this every time I go out in this Democratic City/ State in which I live.

    Oh yes! Let's not forget one other extremely important point:

    98 percent of these refugees are going to register as DEMOCRATS; AKA Demoratizis!

  • SkiBoy

    Changed the title of the thread from “CALIFORNIA FORESR FIRES” to “CALIFORNIA FOREST FIRES”.
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