INSIDE OR OUTSIDE: An Important Decision!

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    Photographing certain types of images (or venue if you prefer) can be performed inside OR outside. But which is better?

    If you are photographing a particular object for let's say an advertising campaign, it is probably best that it be done inside - away from annoying aspects of nature such as wind or rain.

    But what if you are photographing a model?

    Is it best to photograph the subject inside or outside?

    It depends on several factors!

    First and foremost you must ask yourself what is your objective with your model?

    Is it photographing him (or her) in a "Facial Portrait" venue;

    or are you seeking some kind of action or movement from you model such as photographing him in a

    swimming pool,

    at a sporting event,

    or while walking down a narrow trail high up on a potentially exciting but perhaps dangerous canyon wall?

    As to the latter of course, both you and your model should always use common sense!

    Don't expect, ask, or put your model in a situation which may endanger his OR your life!

    No photographic "expedition" warrants taking risks which put anyone in danger or harm!

    However you might be surprised how many photographers have been known to do just that!

    Enjoy your "photographic journey" no matter what your venue or subject is! :)

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