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  • Hey guys! Just curious .... after you get everything re-structured, are you going to "relax" the permissions on which photos are available for viewing by forum members?

    I hope at least some of them will made available again; although I understand why you have had to make some changes ....

    Anyways, do you wish you success with the "new look". :)


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    Thanks Corky!

    We are seriously considering giving "Special Membership Status" (permissions) to those Forum Members who desire to view "Gallery" as it was originally intended by this forum administration.

    However, this would have to be executed on a manual, one-by-one forum registrant basis.

    Additionally, they would have to read, and agree to, a specific set of criteria set forth by the Forum Admin OR Moderator.

    I honestly don't have much confidence in the prospect of this happening, do you??? :rolleyes:

  • Well no, I don't ....

    Hopefully though you and SkiBoy can come up with something ... perhaps something like granting your remaining, trusted forum members specific permission to view Galley content? ;)

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