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    Joe Biden make a comment just recently (available on youtube for anyone who wants to view it)

    about the United States Population Census Data has confirmed that those individuals

    who are classified as "white" has fallen below 50 Percent, saying:

    "For the first time since this country began, White Europeans - who make up the bulk of "whites" in this country -

    have fallen below 50 Percent."

    He went on to say: "This fact will remain true for the remainder of time that the United States exists!"

    And ... "The white male of European origin will no longer be in the majority in the United States!"

    And, ... "That is a good thing!" [Admin's note: Emphasis of that statement by Joe Biden]

    4WardXposure2.com Administrator Comments:

    What a bloody, frigging asshole!

    WHAT EXACTLY DOES BIDEN MEAN BY SAYING: "That's a good thing!"


    Joe Biden - and the rest of his ilk - have been flooding the United States with refugees ever since he, and

    Senator Edward Kennedy, passed the Refugee Act Bill in Congress -

    (and President Carter signed the bill into law that same year - 1980).

    By bringing in hundreds of thousands of refuges every year since 1980 -

    refugees who couldn't care less than do about what the U.S. of America stands for, or why it was established

    in the first place (1776).

    These refugees (at least a vast majority of them) have no intention of keeping America as it was intended by the

    "Founders of the U.S. Constitution".

    They do however, (the refugees) have one hell-bent desire to accomplish as part of being a "citizen" of the

    United States:


    The majority of refugees coming into the United States will ALWAYS VOTE for DEMOCRATS.

    As Ann Corcoran (on her website) said many times:

    "Changing America by changing its' people"

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