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    Hey everyone I want YOU to see something!

    Just recently (today actually) Tumblr Morality Police flagged a set of three (3) photos I had posted for later release today (January 18, 2022), e.g. I had placed them in "Queue" for auto release.

    Tumblr told me the photos violated their "community standards" - meaning they believe the photos are indecent.

    I see absolutely nothing vulgar, immoral, indecent, or sexist about these photos!

    These three guys - photographed in Black and White - are from an era in photographic history when aesthetics and expertise

    really meant something - these qualities had not yet been "lost" to color photographs!

    Tell me - really, look at these three photos and YOU decide!

    Post YOUR COMMENTS here in this post!

    And please VOTE in the attached Poll!

    Thank you!

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    Look at the first photo above (on left, first row).

    Then look at this fourth photo (Guy on Left).

    Please login to see this attachment.

    Click on Photo to view FULL size!

    YOU will notice that the guy pictured above (on Left)

    has a slight "bulge" (i.e., basket) - as does one of the photos I posted (e.g., referring to photo on TOP Left (or first photo above).

    The only other difference is, the guys pictured above are in color rather than my photos of Black and White.

    So why is it that the TUMBLR MORALITY POLICE chose to flag my photo sets, BUT NOT THE PHOTO OF TWO GUYS SHOWN IN COLOR -


    BTW: A "Flagged" post on Tumblr means that NO ONE CAN SEE THE POST BUT THE PERSON WHO SUBMITTED


    So for all practical purposes, "flagged" might as well be DELETED,

    because no one following my Blog on Tumblr can see my post of the three guys shown here in this Thread/Post!

    Brace yourself for Impact: Luciferian elite launch ‘Great Collapse’ of Western civilization

    You know time is running out on the false reality in which most Americans live when the corporate-owned mainstream media starts to report some of the things that we in the alternative media have been reporting for years.

    I’ve been warning since 2018: Please login to see this link..

    For the last six months or so many of us have been warning about the creaky

    supply chain.

    That chain is getting ready to buckle and break like a water pipe in the dead of winter, when frigid air sneaks in from the north.

    It usually happens in the middle of the night, while everyone is sleeping in their warm beds. Under the stress of steadily dropping temperatures, the pipe starts to expand. Now compromised, the pipe starts to drip, then suddenly it pops. Water gushes out and into the house.

    At that point, you have a big mess on your hands. If only you’d seen the cold weather coming, you would have wrapped your pipes and protected them from the damage.

    That’s how I see the U.S. supply chain right now.

    The pressure is building while the façade of normalcy reigns in the lives of 90 percent of American families.

    As they sleepwalk through life, they have no idea what kind of pressure is building on those pipes that keep money flowing throughout the global economy.

    But when the dishonest mainstream media starts to take notice and give gentle, half-hearted warnings,

    you know the breaking point is near.

    Take, for example, the article that appeared in the Jan. 15 issue of the Detroit News.

    In a story headlined Please login to see this link., we are given a small glimpse of the truth – the engine that drives the American economy, truckers, are about to be dealt a devastating blow by

    the socialist government in charge of Canada.

    One key word in that headline jumped out at me – “impact.”

    I reported last week on the many dreams and visions being reported from spiritually discerning Christians in diverse areas. They don’t know each other, they’re from all different backgrounds, but they all talk of having similar dreams warning believers to “Please login to see this link..”

    Since hearing of these dreams, I’ve been noticing that word, impact, showing up all over the place.

    And in this Detroit News article we’re told of a looming “acute impact.”

    If you just go by the headline, you might get the impression that it’s just Michigan that will suffer the impact of this vaccine mandate on truckers.

    Don’t be fooled. Statistics show otherwise. More than 50 percent of truckers are unvaxxed and 37 percent in a survey by the American Trucking Associations said they will never get the injection and will quit their jobs if forced to do so by their employers.

    You have to read more than halfway into the article before you get to this bombshell quote from Brian Hitchcock, chairman of the Michigan Trucking Association.

    “It’s definitely going to have an impact [there’s that word again]. And it’s going to start as early as tomorrow, and it’s going to create a supply shortage of everything back and forth.”

    Soon, “shipping will be disrupted in both directions,” the article explains.

    If this were the only challenge to the U.S. supply chain, we might be able to deal with it.

    But it’s not.

    The other big force driving a wedge into the U.S. supply chain is China.

    The Chinese are deliberately closing ports that send goods to the U.S., Canada and Europe.

    As part of its “Covid-zero” policy, China is locking down its ports, meaning the many products that America has come to depend on China to supply will not be found on store shelves in the weeks and months ahead.

    Thanks to globalization, the U.S. is no longer a self-sustaining country.

    Many critically important products, such as life-saving antibiotics, are shipped into the U.S. from China. It would take months, perhaps years for the U.S. to gear up industries capable of churning out these items in bulk.

    According to Please login to see this link., another mainstream publisher, the effects of restrictions in China

    “are starting to hit supply chains in the region.”

    As a result of the slow movement of goods through some of the China’s busiest and most important ports, shippers are now diverting to Shanghai, causing the types of delays at the world’s biggest container port that led to massive congestion bottlenecks last summer. That eventually translated into a record number of container ships waiting off the coast of California, a glut that hasn’t been cleared to this day.

    With sailing schedules already facing delays of about a week, freight forwarders warn of the impact on already backlogged gateways in Europe and the U.S. and that is also why economists are warning that the world economy could be headed for the “Please login to see this link.” if China continues to lock down its ports.

    Brace for impact. Acute impact.

    We are about to experience severe deprivation like never before.

    And it won’t be just food stores. Auto parts from Canada will make car fixes more difficult. Pharmaceuticals, electronics, apparel and just about everything we buy at Walmart comes from China. Imagine the impact if China makes its long awaited military move on Taiwan, where the vast majority of the world’s computer chips are manufactured.

    The mainstream corporate news outlets can’t see the bigger picture, or maybe they do but are afraid if they report it the sleeping American populous might get even more rattled and restless than they already are. But when you see articles like the one Saturday in the Detroit News and Friday in Bloomberg, you know even they are getting nervous.

    They have to be wondering if maybe those “conspiracy theorists” were right all along. But their controllers in the corporate boardrooms won’t let them get to the bottom of the conspiracy, to report the whole truth to their readers.

    If they could, they would know that what we’re looking at with these vaccine mandates and port shutdowns, all blamed on a virus that is 99 percent survivable, is part of a plan for the controlled demolition of America and the West.

    It’s all designed to happen by very powerful entities that operate at a level above our elected political leaders.

    The decisions that are leading to the collapse are being made by those buying into

    Klaus Schwab’s vision as put forth by the World Economic Forum and allied entities

    such as the United Nations, the Gates, Rockefeller, Soros and Ford foundations,

    and the corporate power elites on the interlocking boards of directors at

    Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street and Fidelity.

    Those four financial investment houses own a controlling share of almost every one of the world’s largest corporations, including the largest banks. And they have decided it’s time to blow up the system and start over with something new. Something very different.

    They call it Please login to see this link.. I call it technocracy.

    They want to reset the global economy and the global social structure — the way we live, work, eat and move about in society. They have a plan for all of this and it won’t resemble anything we are used to, anymore than the New Normal under Covid resembled what we were used to.

    They want an economy based on a new digital, programmable currency and a social structure based on their Luciferian values.

    That means the present capitalist economic system, based on the U.S. dollar, must be trashed before they can “build back better” with the new money system and a new technocracy based on social credit and a new “more equitable” form of “inclusive capitalism,” which has nothing in common with actual capitalism.

    This system involves decoupling the middle class from their property. Almost all private property in the new system, if it is successfully implemented, will be owned by the 1 percent of elites and we will rent from them.

    Those who dissent from the prevailing government-media narrative will wake up one morning to find that access to their digital money has been shut off. There will be no cash back-up, either, because cash will have been phased out of existence.

    Please login to see this link., the World Economic Forum envisions there will be no more private property in the hands of

    we little people. We will “own nothing,” we will have no privacy and yet, somehow, we will be happy, they say.

    Schwab introduced these concepts in his book, COVID 19: The Great Reset, which was released within six months of Covid’s appearance in China.

    The system involves every individual and every nation, whether they like it or not.

    Take a look at the amusing Please login to see this link., where that country’s puppet prime minister was recently called on the carpet for his allegiance to the World Economic Forum plan for the world.

    Please login to see this link.

    The planned new world order does not stop with

    economic restructuring.

    Just as they must decouple middle-class people from their property, using punitive taxation and environmental regulations, they must also decouple families from the traditional values that were handed down to them and originated from the traditional Christian faith—things like the desire to marry and have a family, to put in an honest day’s work and to honor one’s parents and grandparents. They’ve been active on this front for decades, but the fig tree is getting ripe, to the point where little boys and girls in elementary school are being taught to question their God-given gender.

    Those parents who balk and confront their school boards are labeled backwoods bigots and potential terrorists by their own government.

    What these parents are learning is that in the world of the Great Reset, only one voice is allowed to share the stagethat controlled by the ruling elitesand everyone else must be willing to participate in their carefully constructed echo chamber or just shut up. Any dissenting voices are brutally and efficiently silenced.

    The Great Reset isn’t even here yet but we can already see a foreshadowing of the way this new global beast system works.

    There’s no tolerance for free speech.

    Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the technology upon which mRNA vaccines are based, gets interviewed by podcaster Joe Rogan and uses that platform to send a

    warning to the world about the dangers of these deadly shots.

    And what happens? Malone gets canceled from all social media and a group of nearly 300 doctors Please login to see this link., urging Spotify to pull the plug on Rogan’s podcasts, claiming

    Rogan is spreading “anti-vax misinformation.”

    Joe Biden, with his 33 percent approval rating, gets on TV this week and makes a special appeal to the Big Tech social media companies to clamp down on “misinformation” about vaccines, and what happens?

    Within hours we read that Direct TV has Please login to see this link..

    MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell has been using his wealth for the good of the people, creating an alternative to Fox News, which is nothing more than controlled opposition.

    Lindell’s new livestreaming network, Lindell TV, is accessed through and it has been doing some amazing work to expose the fraudulent government in Washington.

    What does Lindell get for his efforts to present the truth?

    His bank, Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank and Trust, proudly divulged this week

    Please login to see this link..

    What could be more Luciferian than a system where everyone is monitored and controlled, punished and rewarded, based on their obedience to the almighty one-world state and its lapdog media?

    Everyone must have the same opinions, or keep them to themselves. A world of faceless, heartless,

    one-size-fits-all cogs in the wheel.

    Watch, in the video below, how a man was treated simply for entering a Costco store in Canada without a face covering.

    Is this the kind of world we want our kids and grandkids to live in?

    Yet, this is exactly the type of world envisioned by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and their buddies at the World Economic Forum.

    Let’s be aware of those pipes. The pressure is building. Water is already dripping.

    It’s a matter of time before it breaks.

    Some will be buried in water before they even know what hit them.

    That’s how the Great Reset will arrive.

    Those with power and wealth, the 1 percent, have triggered their end game to collapse the current world order

    and replace it with a new one-world order of technocratic authoritarianism.

    There will be no stopping it, but we can make wise use of the time God gives us to prepare for it.

    Brace yourself for impact. And start wrapping those pipes.

    What’s coming is not going to be easy and no one can fully prepare for it.

    Use this time to find your people, collaborate and work together, because no man will survive this storm

    on an island.

    We need God and we need each other.

    Now is the time to start our own “reset” and learn how to live outside of a system that is increasingly ruled by evil sharks circling in the water. is 100 percent reader supported. That means we depend on you to help us continue spreading the truth. Donations of any size are appreciated and may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

    Please login to see this attachment.   

    Take a look at the amusing Please login to see this link., where that country’s puppet prime minister was recently called on the carpet for his allegiance to the World Economic Forum plan for the world.

    Please login to see this link.

    Dr. Zelenko issues chilling warning: ‘They are getting ready to go full totalitarian’

    In the final week of 2021, Nobel prize-nominee Please login to see this link., whose Zelenko protocols have no doubt saved tens of thousands of lives, posted an urgent video with a “call to action.”

    In this video, Zelenko warns about the desperation point at which the globalist elites who are pushing the two-year-old propaganda campaign

    have arrived.

    A desperate tyrant is always the most dangerous tyrant and this 2-minute video affirms the major thrust of my most recent article from Jan. 7 — Please login to see this link.e.

    If you haven’t read that article yet, I encourage you to do so and share it with others.

    Some have told me they believe it’s the most important article I’ve posted to date.

    It is essentially a clarion call for all lovers of God, humanity and freedom to put our differences aside and rise up against the single biggest threat to humanity of the last 100 years.

    While not yet widely recognizable, this enemy is more diabolical than the Nazis or the Soviets.

    What makes it so dangerous is that it is largely invisible and yet has the full support, in almost every nation, of the establishment.

    What is the establishment?

    These are the people in positions of authority who most of us thought we could trust. These are your doctors, your major media outlets, your government regulatory agencies, your teachers

    and college professors, your pastors, priests and rabbis.

    The job of the journalist and the pastor, in particular, is to always question the authorities of the day, to be counter-culture, to warn the sheep when a wolf is sneaking into the barn. But the vast majority of journalists and preachers today have abandoned their sacred duty to question, to serve as a watchman or a watchdog.

    Because the establishment narrative is crumbling and more people are waking up to the fact that they’ve been lied to by trusted authority figures, the power elites who control the establishment are getting nervous. As a result, there’s a real danger that they, as Dr. Zelenko warns, will “go full totalitarian.”

    [If you are asking at this point how the establishment remains so firmly under the control of the invisible globalist cabal, that is a question easily answered. It’s done through money. The entire money flow worldwide is controlled by a handful of big banks and mega-corporations with overlapping boards of directors.]

    Watch Dr. Zelenko’s 2-minute video below:

    The only thing that can stop this headlong push toward absolute tyranny, is prayer and action.

    Pray that God will give us more time to repent as individuals, as people and as nations.

    But we also need to dial in on the urgency of the moment.

    We need a hardened sense of resistance on the part of all the prayer warriors, patriots and freedom lovers.

    Zelenko calls for peaceful civil disobedience.

    I have been calling for the same for more than a year now but so far we have seen no mass uprising, at least not in America.

    Will we wait till it’s possibly too late, like in France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia, Israel

    and the other countries where full-blown digital health passports have already been implemented, severely curtailing people’s freedom of movement, of speech and right to assemble?

    I’m not talking about an uprising where people march around with signs in front of Capitol buildings.

    There’s nothing wrong with that but we need something more.

    We need mass resistance.

    Where people simply say no to the restrictions and go about life as they normally would before the psy op began in February 2020.

    Zelenko also asks for prayers of protection over those brave doctors, journalists and other truth-tellers who are speaking out and trying to counter the lies of the government/media/military/Big Pharma mind-controllers.

    We know the camps are ready.

    I reported last August that the Army was advertising for “internment/resettlement specialists” to staff the camps,

    many of which are located on military bases:

    Please login to see this link..

    See screenshots below from the Army recruitment ad.

    In Washington State, the State Board of Health may soon Please login to see this link. as young as 5 years old in Covid-19 “internment camps” for failing to comply with the state’s experimental vaccine mandate.

    Please login to see this link. a proposed revision to include Covid protocol under the state’s Communicable and Certain Other Diseases Act, outlines

    “Procedures for isolation or quarantine.”

    If approved, this revision would allow local health officials at “his or her sole discretion” to “issue an emergency detention order

    causing a person or group of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine.”

    According to Please login to see this link. “a local health officer may invoke the powers of police officers, sheriffs, constables, and all other officers and employees of any political subdivisions within the jurisdiction of the health department to enforce immediately orders given to effectuate the purposes of this section in accordance with the provisions of RCW Please login to see this link.(4) and Please login to see this link..”

    The “emergency detention order” would legalize the isolation and detainment of U.S. citizens who fail to voluntarily comply with gene-therapy shots “for a period not to exceed ten days.”

    These types of tyrannical bombshells lie hidden in the law books of almost every state, giving state officials near cart blanche powers to disrupt people’s lives during a declared health emergency.

    Sources tell me that Washington state law ALREADY authorizes involuntary quarantine, and

    Please login to see this link. merely offers up the latest bureaucratic interpretation of the law, or how it can be applied.

    The Accuser of the Brethren

    To date the enemy has hit back at us by censoring our work and falsely accusing us of exactly what they are doing — which is putting out disinformation. This is called “flipping the script.”

    If you want to know what the globalist, elitist technocrats are doing, just pay attention to what they accuse us of doing.

    In the Please login to see this link. we see a reference to Satan as the “accuser of the brethren,” and this is reflected in those who operate under Satanic inspiration in the world today.

    They absolutely love to flip the script!

    Because the globalists’ mass psychological warfare against the truth has only been partially successful and the truth is still managing to leak out, despite all of their censoring and false accusations, they are planning to take a more drastic approach to shut us up and shut us down.

    I agree with Dr. Zelenko that the most effective way to deal with such malevolence is to

    step up our truth-telling even more.

    We all need to take our messaging, both online and in person, to the next level.

    Let’s resolve in 2022 to double down on speaking truth to power.

    Let’s make our stand now, speaking out more aggressively than ever, seizing upon every opportunity to debunk the lies about the poison death shot and what it’s doing to people, especially our children and young adults. Please login to see this link. yesterday, the latest in a string of hundreds of incidents over the last eight months or so.

    Miscarriages and stillborn births are off the charts. And nobody seems to care.

    It’s up to us to make them care.

    We truth warriors must put aside our differences and work together, share each other’s work and spread the truth.

    Start by sharing my article, linked above, and Dr. Zelenko’s video.

    And please help support this website in 2022. WordPress has demonetized us.

    We cannot sell ads on the site, and that’s fine.

    We managed to keep going in 2021 due to the extreme generosity of our readers and we will need that same level of support in 2022! is 100 percent reader supported, not beholden to any corporate sponsors or advertisers. You may send a contribution c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below. Thank you!

    Joe Biden make a comment just recently (available on youtube for anyone who wants to view it)

    about the United States Population Census Data has confirmed that those individuals

    who are classified as "white" has fallen below 50 Percent, saying:

    "For the first time since this country began, White Europeans - who make up the bulk of "whites" in this country -

    have fallen below 50 Percent."

    He went on to say: "This fact will remain true for the remainder of time that the United States exists!"

    And ... "The white male of European origin will no longer be in the majority in the United States!"

    And, ... "That is a good thing!" [Admin's note: Emphasis of that statement by Joe Biden] Administrator Comments:

    What a bloody, frigging asshole!

    WHAT EXACTLY DOES BIDEN MEAN BY SAYING: "That's a good thing!"


    Joe Biden - and the rest of his ilk - have been flooding the United States with refugees ever since he, and

    Senator Edward Kennedy, passed the Refugee Act Bill in Congress -

    (and President Carter signed the bill into law that same year - 1980).

    By bringing in hundreds of thousands of refuges every year since 1980 -

    refugees who couldn't care less than do about what the U.S. of America stands for, or why it was established

    in the first place (1776).

    These refugees (at least a vast majority of them) have no intention of keeping America as it was intended by the

    "Founders of the U.S. Constitution".

    They do however, (the refugees) have one hell-bent desire to accomplish as part of being a "citizen" of the

    United States:


    The majority of refugees coming into the United States will ALWAYS VOTE for DEMOCRATS.

    As Ann Corcoran (on her website) said many times:

    "Changing America by changing its' people"

    Posting Date: September 9, 2021


    NOTE: LINKS posted at the bottom of this Thread / Post

    The rising biomedical security state is determined to use Covid to reduce every human being to a QR code

    Without fanfare and with hardly a peep from the corporate-owned establishment media,

    the United Nations World Health Organization, also known as the WHO, issued a Please login to see this link. last week that should

    set off alarm bells for lovers of freedom and liberty everywhere.

    The document provides “guidance” for every nation in the world on how to go about implementing

    digital health passports, which is something Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab

    and other power elites have said since last year would be absolutely essential to conquering the Covid pandemic.

    The title alone of the document appears designed to repel the average reader and lull them to sleep:

    Please login to see this link..

    The WHO is working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, or CDC,

    “to produce a high-value standard for international adoption and technical information exchange.”

    In layman’s terms, we’re talking about a digital health passport.

    These passports, as we’ve covered in depth in previous articles, are meant for no other purpose than to

    track and trace the movement of people in real time, scooping up data all along the way.

    In other words, one of the most basic rights in any free society, the freedom of movement, will be shattered if your city, state or nation follows the advice of the WHO, the World Economic Forum, or any of its tech partners such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook, etc.

    The WHO paper states its purpose is to provide standards and specs for the governments and contractors

    seeking to impose digital vaccine passports on global populations.

    “This is a guidance document for countries and implementing partners on the technical requirements for developing digital information systems for issuing standards-based interoperable digital certificates for COVID-19 vaccination status, and considerations for implementation of such systems, for the purposes of continuity of care, and proof of vaccination.”

    A condensed version of the 99-page document, with helpful graphics, some of which are reproduced below,

    can be found Please login to see this link..

    As can be seen in the above screenshot, this technology will be used to track not only

    the movement of people but to monitor their need for “continuity of care,”

    which foretells WHO’s desire for continuous vaccines and “booster” shots in perpetuity

    for every man, woman and child.

    The system is even designed [see below screenshot] for maximum printability so that holders of vaccine passports “without a smartphone can receive a printed QR code.”

    The document was issued August 27 with the intended audience being WHO-member states and technology contractors with a stake in the digital passport business, where tech companies stand to reap billions in profits

    over the next several years installing this new surveillance grid.

    This document talks about the need to implement digital vaccine passports throughout the whole of society

    and how to do it.

    “Vaccination records can also provide proof of vaccination status for purposes not related to health care,”

    the WHO points out on page 14.

    A digital vaccine certificate is defined in the document as “a digitally signed representation of data content that describes a vaccination event.”

    The coming Fourth Industrial Revolution

    If governments and their tech partners are successful in implementing this system and getting the public conditioned to accept it, the next step, already envisioned by the World Economic Forum, is to move the QR code from the smartphone to the person’s actual body.

    Klaus Schwab, director and founder of the WEF, which hosts the world’s top political and economic power players each year in Davos, Switzerland, said in 2016 while promoting his book on the Fourth Industrial Revolution,

    that this global revolution will

    “lead to a fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities.”

    4WardXposure2 Admin Comment:

    Have our members noticed that the country of SWITZERLAND always comes up when the subject is Big Pharma,

    the Great Reset, and other topics related to nearly everything to do with Covid-19 and Vaccines!


    Because that is where the world's money is! - that is to say ... Switzerland is where the "big boys" keep their money and make their biggest deposits (investments).

    Schwab is fond of saying that Covid [19] and the so-called “Great Reset” announced by the

    World Economic Forum [WEF] in July of last year [2020],

    will force people to engage with machines in new and different ways.

    He wasn’t kidding.

    Listen to Schwab in the video clip below predicting that in this process of fusion, people will, by 2026,

    have a chip implanted in their skin or brain that will connect them to the Internet.

    Schwab’s book, published in late 2016, stated that the time was near when developments in technology would not only

    “change the way we live and work” but would be “Please login to see this link..”

    Of course there is a segment of the population, worldwide, who Schwab, Gates, Fauci, Rockefeller, Soros,

    Buffet and the rest of the elites know will never get on board with their plan for changing the very idea of

    what it means to be human.

    That’s where the rollout of the controversial mRNA Covid shots has been extremely valuable to the strategists behind the new world order. They are getting a very good feel for exactly who they will need to either re-educate or, if that’s not possible,

    eliminate from society altogether.

    That’s where the digital certificates/passports come in.

    They are by their very nature coercive, an obvious, in-your-face assault on basic human freedom.

    Anyone who accepts such an intrusion on their movement and privacy is clearly already primed for the ultimate “marking”

    of the new world order, which will be to accept the [*]QR code marked right onto their skin using micro-needles and invisible dye.

    *[Bill] Gates has already funded a Please login to see this link. to do just that.

    The WHO document also mentions that once established these digital certificates could be loaded with data that includes not just Covid vaccine status but all vaccines and health records.

    The ultimate goal is to have a global identification system that is mated to one’s vaccine status, a dream that the Gates and Rockefeller foundations have been striving to fulfill since their launch of the ID2020 initiative in 2019, before Covid was a thing.

    In fact, the slippery slope toward making every man, woman and child a walking

    QR Code is already being traversed worldwide.

    Scannable QR Codes allowing employers, businesses and other organizations

    to see your vaccination status and decide whether to allow you onto their property are already making their way into several states and cities across the U.S.,

    and throughout Europe.

    The ‘show your papers’ society is emerging before our eyes and very few Americans

    seem concerned, or even aware.

    A company called Please login to see this link. is working in several states, providing an app that

    allows the user

    “to prove your Covid status for travel, school, work, or any other situation where

    proof is required.

    Simply register your account and open the QR Code in your app to allow others to

    scan your proof of vaccination.”

    The screenshot below is just one of the technocratic bombshells that can be found on MyIR Mobile’s website.

    In true dystopian fashion, this company trumpets its “show your papers” app as if it was a great achievement,

    like how did humanity ever get by for thousands of years without having a scannable QR code phone app

    that allows them to be tracked and traced, to have their mere presence at a public location questioned and challenged, as if they were someone’s property?

    A dog on a leash has more freedom than this,

    but still you’re encouraged to “register now.” It’s “simple and secure.”

    This is classic case of a technology company committing

    digital terrorism against humanity.

    There is no other way around it.

    This is the digital form of Nazi Germany’s “show your papers” society, announcing itself as having arrived in the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free.

    It’s no longer hiding. It’s right in our faces.

    The premise behind MyIR Mobile is clear:

    Either get vaccinated or your life is over.

    It is just one of dozens of such tech companies seeking to cash in on the

    fear-crazed “new normal” that globalist elites have created in the wake of the

    Covid pandemic.

    They are using the power of technology for the utmost evil, to literally cancel you

    from all of society.

    This is the global technocrats getting their foot in the door of a place they have no business being –

    your personal healthcare – and claiming they have the right to convince every business to discriminate against you based on your so-called “vaccine status,”

    which has nothing at all to do with whether or not you are healthy or a danger to others.

    The CDC and lying [Anthony] Fauci have already admitted that these vaccines do not stop you from getting Covid,

    do not stop you from spreading Covid, and only protect you against “serious illness” for three to five months.

    Within five months your protection starts to seriously wane and you will need another “booster” to retain your coveted status as “fully vaccinated.”

    Those who can’t prove they have that status [e.g., "fully vaccinated"] will not only be discriminated against but the government will incentivize businesses to

    discriminate against them.

    The Civil Rights movement was fought and won over this same type of legalized discrimination.

    Wars have been fought over [for] far less [reasons].

    Globalist elites love to play the Hegelian dialectic:

    A crisis [real or manufactured] provokes a reaction from the people, who demand the government take action to protect them, and then the horrifying solution is brought forth.

    And it’s not going to stop with digital vaccine passports.

    This is merely the first stop on the way to creating a digital ID that will be required

    of all “global citizens” in order to be allowed to buy or sell. It will start with your vaccination status and eventually include data points allowing the government

    and corporate world to know everything about you in a single glance.

    Some will recognize these societal changes as tyranny and balk at the transformation.

    That’s why it’s critical to get all of the children into the system.

    [Anthony] Fauci and company are frantically pushing the vaccine for children 11 and under.

    They already have it for those 12 to 18.

    They want this so young people will grow up thinking it’s normal to be asked to prove one’s vaccination status before being allowed to enter public venues and businesses.

    It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with putting in place the

    structures of a new surveillance state where every human being will be tracked and traced 24/7 in real time.

    Do as you are told, or prepare to hibernate inside your home for the rest of your life, unable to work, shop for food, travel anywhere, go anywhere.

    If you aren’t comfortable in such a world, prepare to resist.

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    Please login to see this link.

    There is MUCH here to read and look over - I will have to come back later, probably several times - but it is worth my time to do so!

    I wish MORE people would make this a "practice" - not just on this forum website, but on all others as well.

    However "social media giants" like Facebook and Twitter have produced (created) a culture of humans whose only concern appears to be:

    "How fast can I respond and actually say nothing of meaningful value" :rolleyes:

    Well no, I don't ....

    Hopefully though you and SkiBoy can come up with something ... perhaps something like granting your remaining, trusted forum members specific permission to view Galley content? ;)

    Interesting choice of words - " 'your remaining, trusted forum members' "

    And therein lies part of the problem!

    However, SkiBoy and I will try to come up with a solution which applies to everyone equally and fairly. ;)

    CDC claims it has authority to use police to do everything you see going on in Australia; and Congress agrees

    We’ve all seen the videos from Australia. Police chasing down and beating a helpless woman, shooting rubber bullets at construction workers who violate that country’s draconian lockdown rules. A 12-year-old girl gets pepper sprayed for not wearing a mask.

    Watch the horrific excuse for policing below.

    In another video [fast-forwarding to the 3:30 mark and be forewarned, the language is bad], police pepper spray a girl for not wearing a mask.

    Please login to see this link.

    Do not be fooled into thinking this is just an Australian thing, never to happen in America.

    Check out below what’s going on in Israel, where IDF soldiers are being forcibly jabbed in the middle of the night.

    Please login to see this link.

    There have also been scenes from Canada caught on video, most notably the case of Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who was Please login to see this link. in the middle of a busy highway, that would make you swear you are looking at the East German Stasi in action, not the Canadian police.

    Everything the Australian, Israeli and Canadian governments are doing in terms of using force to brutally put down all resistance to their draconian mandates and restrictions are things the current regime in Washington not only wants to do but claims it has the legal authority to do.

    Biden’s people admit he has been in discussions about closing down interstate travel to the unvaxxed and barring them from air travel. In the new Amerika, these are “privileges,” they tell us, not rights.

    If they believe they can get away with it, they will do it.

    Australia, Canada and Israel are the models for the Great Reset, a system designed to tag, track and monitor the behavior of every human being

    as if they were a unit of livestock. This global reset demands your total obedience.

    As Biden loves to remind us with his “build back better” mantra, he and his people are fully on board with the Great Reset, as laid out by the World Economic Forum and now being implemented in Australia, Israel, Germany, Canada and other formerly free countries.

    So, Americans need to prepare now for the day when the regime in Washington

    goes full Nazi.

    In fact, some are already describing the scenes in Australia as a civil war. Too bad the Aussies gave up their rights to own firearms years ago, because I truly believe

    Biden would have already launched similar crackdowns if he didn’t have the

    Second Amendment to contend with.

    But again, don’t be fooled. The globalist cabal to which Biden answers will continue to move the Great Reset deconstruction of America forward. He just has to go about it more craftily than his counterparts in Australia and Israel.

    If you don’t believe the U.S. federal government claims the authority to round up and detain its political enemies under the guise of a health emergency, please take a gander at the sweeping powers Congress has granted to the federal health bureaucracy.

    According to the Please login to see this link., Congress granted authority to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which then “delegated” this power to the CDC, to establish quarantine and isolation protocols [i.e. internment camps]. The CDC also claims it has the right to use state and local police to “enforce” these protocols. The CDC makes no bones about the nature of its assumed powers when it states, rather bluntly:

    “In addition to serving as medical functions, isolation and quarantine also are ‘police power’ functions, derived from the right of the state to take action affecting individuals for the benefit of society.”

    “The federal government derives its authority for isolation and quarantine from the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

    “Under section 361 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S. Code § 264), the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services is authorized to take measures to prevent the entry and spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the United States and between states.

    “The authority for carrying out these functions on a daily basis has been delegated to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

    The above quote is bureaucratic lingo for a boot on your face.

    The CDC goes on to say:

    “Public health authorities at the federal, state, local, and tribal levels may sometimes seek help from police or other law enforcement officers to enforce a public health order.”

    I asked constitutional attorney John Whitehead if the CDC’s claim of unilateral authority to operate internment camps is legitimately derived from the U.S. Constitution’s commerce clause. And would this be a legitimate use of police powers?

    “Not as the people who wrote the Constitution saw it, but as the people in Congress today see it, and in the courts, yes,” said Whitehead, president and founder of the Please login to see this link.. “The founders wrote the Constitution in such a way as to establish separation of powers, so power would not rest in the hands of any single person or entity — but now it does. All power is in the hands of the deep state.”

    Although the CDC does not use the word “camps” on the web page cited above,

    they do use the word “detain.”

    Whitehead investigated this issue for his 2015 book Battlefield America and concluded that the camps were already in place.

    In 2006 the Bush administration awarded a $385 million contract to KBR Corp. a subsidiary of Haliburton,

    to build the detention centers.

    This is documented on page 54 of Whitehead’s Battlefield America: The War on the American People.

    “We called the government agency that let the contract and asked if this was for camps and they would not respond. I talked to a former NSA agent who said they’ve built them but they’re on military bases and they’re ready to go.

    There are a lot of private prisons run by corporations that could be used as internment camps as well. So they’re already there, and with the president being able to declare a national emergency, such as Please login to see this link. [declared by George W. Bush in 2001], and Congress has never reviewed any of these emergencies to see if they’re justified, it’s going to happen. And they can work with the local police to pull this off.”

    The CDC further states that “Isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease.”

    May have a contagious disease? Did you catch that clever choice of words? You could be completely healthy, but if the government declares you “may” carry a contagion, it claims the right to have you isolated and interned somewhere away from your home.

    See, Please login to see this link.

    Another key word in the above-quoted CDC verbiage is “protect.”

    It’s critical to note that in Joe Biden’s Sept. 9 nationally televised speech in which he announced shot mandates for all federal workers and all private-sector workers at companies with 100 or more employees, he said his objective was to “protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.”

    While that statement made no logical or scientific sense, it made perfect sense from the standpoint of the new American dictatorship’s political agenda, the onset of which I believe was announced in that Sept. 9 speech.

    Biden’s choice of words — he’s “protecting the vaccinated” — sets the stage for a future rounding up of unvaxxed Americans.

    Before you can round them up, however, you first must demonize them.

    God created each individual person as sovereign over their own bodily integrity. When it comes to human rights, it matters not whether this injection is “safe and effective.” No entity has the right to violate that bodily integrity and mandate someone to receive an unwanted injection. Any person or entity that claims such a right has illegally claimed ownership of your body. That’s an act of war.

    The Bible says that in the end times a system, global in scope, will arise and deceive many.

    That system will demand that every human being on the planet, rich and poor, slave and free, take its “mark,” either in their right hand or their forehead, and this mark will be required in order to buy, sell or conduct commerce of any kind.

    Will this be a literal mark, as so many preachers, novelists and filmmakers suggest? It could be but I wouldn’t bank on it. The head represents your mind or how you think. The hand represents your actions. Do you think and act in concert with the rising one-world system?

    The gene-based injections are likely not the mark but they appear to be an important precursor.

    The digital vaccine passports being rolled out worldwide represent an even bigger leap, in my opinion, toward the mark. But one can see how all of these seemingly isolated steps are tied together in a chain that inevitably leads to the mark.

    Anyone who accepts the vaccine has made that first critical decision that aligns them with the world’s advancing beast system.

    Some did it innocently and will redeem themselves by rebelling against vaccine passports and refusing to work for, or do business with, any entity that requires people to show their digital papers. These digital papers this will start out as a health passport app on your cellphone but will evolve into a biometric global ID system tied to one’s bank account.

    While some of the vaccinated will rebel and come over from the dark side, don’t expect this to happen en masse. Don’t expect millions to suddenly grow a spine, take a stand for freedom and refuse to participate in the burgeoning digital money system that’s connected to the digital health system. Very few have courage.

    That’s why they accepted the vaccine in the first place.

    Most accepted the beast’s needle in their arm citing one or more of the following reasons:

    • They swallowed the lies of the beast, which told them the jab would be good for their health.
    • They submitted to the pressure of the beast to get the jab even though they had strong suspicions that it would not be good for their health.
    • They wanted to preserve their place within the beast system that is tightening its grip on the world.
    • I want to travel. I want to eat out at restaurants. I want to go on a cruise. I want to attend ball games, concerts, I want, I want, I want…”

    From the start, they believed all of the lies of the beast – that if they just wore the [face] mask, if they just social distanced, if they just didn’t go to church, if they just didn’t open their business, if they just got the shot, things would soon return to normal and we could all go back to our former lives.

    Some will wake up and realize they were duped. But most will remain zombies, following whatever orders proceed from the mouth of the beast.

    They thought they joined the winning side, but one day they will wake up and realize what a horrific mistake they made. They have chosen to yoke themselves to a cruel master that will not be easily pacified – not by a mask, not by standing on the little X at their local big-box store, not by getting the shot and not by accepting the QR Code on their cellphone.

    See Please login to see this link.

    The beast lied about the shots being good for their health, lied about things going back to normal, and the beast will continue to tell more lies about the “unvaccinated” spreading the virus, which is opposite of the truth — it’s the Please login to see this link..

    They will endure a lifetime of sickness, and what’s worse is the beast now claims ownership over their bodies. No, breaking loose from this beast will not be easy.

    It may require a divine epiphany.

    The big push now is to get the children injected.

    You can hardly turn on a TV without seeing a commercial or some propagandist posing as a journalist urging parents to get their child jabbed.

    Those who listen to these lies and choose to get their kids injected with the experimental mRNA gene therapy

    will go down in history as the most gullible, most clueless, most undiscerning of the current age.

    They will be like the Germans who obeyed the lies of the Nazis.

    They walked their children right into the beast system of slavery.

    We are living in a surveillance state operated by public-private partnerships, very similar to the fascist Nazi system that overtook Germany. And that surveillance state, years in the making and culminating in the Great Reset, is just starting to come into full bloom.

    “Google predicted [about ten years ago] that by 2029 artificial intelligence [AI] would fuse with the human mind,” Whitehead said.

    “Elon Musk said at least when there’s an evil dictator that’s human it’s going to die, but with AI it will live forever.

    Everything is being watched. Basically everything on the internet is run by AI. Social credit scoring is going to be done by AI and it’s going to be categorized.”

    Whitehead believes the movie and comic-book series “Please login to see this link.” reveals clues about how AI might work.

    “So when a so-called ‘extremist’ wakes up and decides ‘I am not going to do this any longer,’ a SWAT team will come and get him and take him to a camp. And if these camps are on military bases, they aren’t going to find you. People will just disappear.”

    For clues into how these elites think, read some of the writings of the Please login to see this link. in the 1920s. Many saw the masses of human beings as no more than animals to be tagged, used up and done away with at a time of the elites’ choosing.

    This is the same mentality of the elites who run the modern global deep state, from the United Nations and the World Economic Forum down to the Washington bureaucracy, the corporate boardrooms and healthcare conglomerates.

    Democrats and the Republicans are simply along for the ride. Both are diligently promoting the experimental mRNA gene therapies. Both are supporting “red flag laws” that Please login to see this link..

    They still can’t see what’s going on, that forced masking was designed to condition people for forced injections, and that forced injections are designed to condition people to accept vaccine passports, and that vaccine passports are designed to condition people for a Chinese-style social-credit scoring system tied to their bank accounts.

    Ultimately, the plan is to tattoo a QR code containing all of one’s personal information, including their social credit ranking, on every person’s body. This could very well be the mark of the Beast. The technology already exists, Please login to see this link..

    These are times that call for wisdom, discernment, courage, endurance and resolve.

    Will you answer the call?

    SUPPORT LEOHOHMANN.COM: We are not beholden to any corporate advertisers or sponsors. We are 100 percent reader supported. Donations of any size are appreciated and may be sent c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or by via credit card below.

    Thanks Corky!

    We are seriously considering giving "Special Membership Status" (permissions) to those Forum Members who desire to view "Gallery" as it was originally intended by this forum administration.

    However, this would have to be executed on a manual, one-by-one forum registrant basis.

    Additionally, they would have to read, and agree to, a specific set of criteria set forth by the Forum Admin OR Moderator.

    I honestly don't have much confidence in the prospect of this happening, do you??? :rolleyes:

    Scary =O ..... indeed!

    I cannot in my mind imagine what makes someone let themselves be brainwashed by these Nazis!

    Maybe they have an inner desire to be controlled and wiped - you know, like in those Mater and Slave movies!!! :rolleyes:

    Hello Corky!

    "Brainwashing" is a complex matter when it comes to individual humans.

    However it can be said with accuracy that any individual can be brainwashed to a certain extent!

    And remember this:

    The process of brainwashing is not something which happens "over-night" ...

    it is a constant, on-going series of events which take place over a prolonged period of time; the extent of successful brainwashing regarding ANY individual is highly dependent upon environmental and parental factors of each individual - not just those "factors" which occur outside of the individuals'

    immediate home base!

    Add the 2nd step to brainwashing, e.g., which is the specific environment the individual is subjected to when he/she begins associations with other individuals, e.g., that of pre-school, followed by grade school, followed by High School, College, and so on.

    Each one of these "steps" (and the type and condition of these steps) that the individual is exposed to, will determine in large part

    whether or not he or she can be easily brainwashed, OR not.

    Pastor arrested again by ‘Gestapo’ police acting on orders of ‘corrupt Nazi politicians’

    This is truly a stunning video. Pastor Artur Pawlowski was pulled over by multiple police vehicles. The cops handcuffed, arrested and forcibly tossed him into an SUV to be hauled away on New Year’s Day. They said he was in “breech” of some kind of legal constraints but refused to say how he had violated any law or edict. It was all caught on video by his son.

    On Saturday night, Jan. 1, Pastor Pawlowski and his brother Dawid were arrested after a peaceful protest outside of Minister of Health Jason Coppin’s home in Alberta, Canada.

    His crime? As a pastor and civil rights activist in Canada, Pawlowski refuses to close his church services and he has the audacity to peacefully protest the authoritarian actions of certain government officials.

    This is the plan for America folks. It’s coming. Get prepared. Now.

    This is how they want to treat all those who resist the death shots and the lockdowns and the mask edicts — all of the psychopathic Nazi orders brought in under the “new normal” of the Great Reset and under the cover of a medical emergency.

    Remember, there is strength in numbers.

    Canada’s problem is not only that it doesn’t have a Second Amendment.

    No. They have a bigger problem.

    They don’t have the numbers.

    Where are all the other pastors and church members?

    Why aren’t at least half of them marching right now to protest this man’s arrest.

    Instead they are silent.

    They cower in their homes.

    When the Lord’s people do not stand up for what’s right, the evil ones take note and oppress those few who do make a stand.

    There are many states right now in the U.S. that are as weak, or nearly as weak, as Canada.

    I advise all those who are awake to the coming atrocities to leave those states ASAP.

    Otherwise, you will be treated like gutter trash, just like this poor pastor.

    Pray for Artur Pawlowski. He’s a brave man of God. May the Lord’s angels protect him and keep him through these fiery trials.

    He is a modern-day Daniel.

    You will recall Pastor Pawlowski’s first run in with the Canadian Gestapo back in April of 2021.

    Below is the video of that.

    All of the charges against him in that initial dust up were eventually dropped. Now they are after him again.

    We will all find ourselves in this situation eventually if the tide of medically induced tyranny is not turned back.

    For those unfamiliar with Pastor Pawlowski, he takes a stand because he’s all too familiar with tyranny.

    Pawlowski is a Canadian who was born in Poland on March 28, 1973, in the city of Kożuchów.

    He grew up under a communist regime seeing soldiers with machine guns and tanks on the streets as people rose up in 1981 to fight for their freedoms.

    Soon after, he watched the end of communism in Poland. Artur attended one of the best high schools in Poland under the patronage of UNESCO. During this time, he started to travel around Europe and became a very successful smuggler.

    He profited in everything from alcohol smuggled from Hungry to electronics bought in Vienna and gold funneled in from Russia.

    He later got saved and turned his life over to God.

    He immigrated to Canada, where he now has a church in Calgary, Alberta.

    You can learn more about him on his Please login to see this link..

    If you would like to help with his legal expenses:

    E-transfer PayPal Please login to see this link. or a check to 1740 25 a ST SW, Calgary, Alberta t3c1j9 “Street Church”.

    Don’t be deceived. In these times, we are all Artur Pawlowski.

    We can stand together or fall in singular events like in the video above.

    Do not forget my previous report from back in the summer:

    The CDC right here in America Please login to see this link. to do everything you see going on in Canada, Australia, Austria and throughout Europe, which is to round up resisters and separate them from the rest of society.


    Please login to see this link.

    Please login to see this link. is 100 percent reader supported. Help us stay online with a donation of any size. Even 10 or 20 dollars makes a difference. You can send c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below

    With globalist puppets in control of every Western nation, brace yourself for their next diabolical move: The weaponization of food

    Over the last several months, many Christians who deal in the prophetic have been hearing a particular sequence of words

    in their quiet time – often in dreams –

    which they believe is from God:Please login to see this link..”

    I’ve heard it from more than one person and if you search online you will see others who claim to have heard

    this same message from God.

    I don’t pretend to be a prophet and don’t know for certain what this means.

    I can only take it at face value: Brace yourself. Something impactful is about to happen.

    It could be something literally impactful, like a bomb, an asteroid, a tsunami or some other natural force suddenly crashing

    into the earth.

    Or, it could be something impactful in the political realm that forces dramatic changes in our way of life.

    What, for instance, would happen if the U.S. Supreme Court gives its stamp of approval to

    Biden’s illegal, unconstitutional mandates?

    The Supreme Court is a wild card that must be considered.

    According to Katie Pavlich at, the first day of oral arguments on Biden’s vaccine mandates was “Please login to see this link.,”

    with several of the justices exhibiting a level of cluelessness that was astonishing.

    I strongly suspect two of the three justices put on the Court by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are imposters who were placed there for exactly this purpose –

    to force experimental gene-therapy shots on the American people.

    I’m talking about Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh. I hope I am wrong but I believe at least one of them, possibly both,

    will vote along with the other liberals to grant the Court’s approval of the illegal, unconstitutional, anti-American, anti-God,

    anti-human Biden shot mandates.

    Only justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch can be counted on to stand against this evil.

    I expect a 5-4 or 6-3 decision to empower the federal government to force all employers – they won’t just stop at companies with

    100 or more employees – to fire unjabbed workers or be bankrupted by massive fines.

    This will absolutely crush what’s left of an already fragile supply chain.

    If Pandora’s box is opened by a reckless Supreme Court decision, all of the major trucking companies will fire drivers who refuse the jab.

    This will encompass at least 30 percent of the nation’s overall trucking cohort.

    Chris Spear, president of American Trucking Associations, told members of Congress in November that he warned the Biden administration:

    If they follow through on his vax mandate it will bring down the supply chain.

    America already has a shortage of more than 80,000 truckers compared to pre-pandemic levels.

    Spear said that if Biden’s vaccine mandate is enforced, the industry will lose 37 percent of its truckers, or 2.5 million drivers,

    according to an ATA survey.

    The survey “came back as 37 percent of drivers not only said ‘no,’ but ‘hell no,’” Spear testified.

    Spear said the current struggling supply chain could not survive if even 10 percent of the current trucking force walks off the job.

    So imagine if anywhere near 37 percent calls it quits. Watch Spear’s warning below.

    Besides the truckers, think of the effect a vax mandate would have on the food processing industry, which is made up of large companies that would automatically start firing unjabbed workers as soon as Biden’s mandate received Supreme Court approval. This includes meatpacking plants.

    If these mandates are allowed to go through, it’s game over for the supply chain, the economy and the healthcare system.

    They will be flattened, and it won’t take long.

    Massive crime waves will ensue as people freak out at the sight of bare grocery-store shelves, and closed gas stations.

    Hungry people who have as yet resisted the jab will roll up their sleeves in exchange for a government meal ticket.

    The suburbs will be the first to come under attack under such a scenario. Then the rural areas.

    Global power elites want everything to collapse because they need fear and disorder to finish the job

    of getting everyone jabbed with the track-and-trace mechanism they call “vaccines.”

    Getting everyone jabbed is a prerequisite for the first phase of the Great Reset of civilization.

    The new civilization will replace the 2,000 years in the making Judeo-Christian biblical moral code with those of man-centered gene editing, artificial intelligence, man-made immunity and a new way of defining justice and equality,

    all of which will lead to misery and death.

    The society envisioned by global technocrats is one of total surveillance and control over everything

    and every body.

    That which they cannot tag, track, trace and monitor, they plan to kill or incarcerate.

    They want to own or control everything of value, both living and non-living.

    To them, you are just a number to be treated like a unit of cattle standing in a feedlot with a tag

    in your ear.

    When your useful shelf life has expired and you’re no longer considered a viable unit of production, or maybe you’re no longer sufficiently obedient to the new digital beast system, you will be carted off to be re-educated or, in some cases euthanized.

    Yes, they take their cues from Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel, Brave New World.

    But let’s not get ahead of ourselves in the scenario taking shape in 2022, the one which calls for

    bracing ourselves.

    Once the mandates are approved by the Supreme Court and implemented with brutal speed and efficiency, the supply chain will collapse. Then the scapegoating begins.

    The government and its mass-media propaganda machine will blame all of this self-induced pain –

    the scarcity of food, the lack of fuel and shoddy healthcare – on the unjabbed.

    Christians and Jews who resist the jab will be targeted with special ferocity.

    Watch the clip below and you will see how the corporate media is already setting up an evil narrative that conservative Christians

    are to blame, using Franklin Graham and other clueless Christian leaders to help demonize the vaccine holdouts.

    Just as the Germans turned on the Jews as the cause of their economic hardship after World War I,

    the jabbed will be all too eager to have a scapegoat on which to turn their anger.

    The injected ones were for the most part [of course there are exceptions] the blind ones, the ones who never saw anything nefarious in the draconian Covid rules, never saw the corruption and the greed and the utter falsity of the narrative that underpinned this entire scamdemic from the outset.

    Because this segment of America bought all of the lies at every step of the way starting from January 2020, they now live in an alternate reality cut off from the rest of us who managed throughout this propaganda assault to retain our critical-thinking skills.

    They saw none of the hardship coming, they believed the government had their best interests at heart with all of the social distancing, contact tracing, mask mandates and shot mandates, and so they didn’t prepare for what’s coming.

    When these policies lead to a failed supply chain, extreme deprivation and starvation, they will become

    increasingly desperate and violent.

    They will take up arms, possibly supplied by the government, against their neighbors who saw through the lies, who refused the experimental serum that destroys our God-given immune systems and who took precautions by storing up food, learning to plant gardens, to can and freeze-dry their harvests, and who live mostly in the rural areas.

    The long-predicted civil war will be on, with one side fully backed by the government and its

    media propagandists.

    At some point, after perhaps months or years of civil war, some combination of China, Russia and other foreign troops will be “invited” to land on American soil and restore order, probably under the banner of the United Nations “peacekeepers.”

    China, for those who aren’t aware, is not giving its people the mRNA experimental injections.

    The experimental gene therapy is being reserved, at least for now, primarily for the formerly free nations of the Western World – the U.S. and Canada, Australia and Western Europe.

    Their plan to get every man, woman and child jabbed with their continuously up-datable

    Please login to see this link. and connect people’s vaccine history to a new global ID system.

    Don’t forget that Moderna, on its own website, describes its “vaccine” as a device that works

    Please login to see this link..”

    This operating system requires a certain number of “updates” before it becomes fully operational inside the human body.

    Should we be surprised that the CEO of Moderna announced Friday that a

    Please login to see this link.

    Gee, who could have seen that coming?

    The U.K and South Korea have already ordered the fourth dose, while Israel

    is already administering a fourth to its people.

    Truth is, these shots were always meant to be continuous.

    Along with the [face] masks, the [vaccination] shots are the ritual sign of submission

    to the new global “beast” system.

    But here’s the bad news for the global predators who are so frantically pushing this mass-genocide, which they cloak in Orwellian language like “safe and effective” and “life-saving vaccines.”

    The problem for them is that after more than a year of flooding the zone with saturation propaganda, only about 60 percent

    of Americans have received two doses of the serum and less than 35 percent have received a third dose or “booster.”

    While the entirety of Western civilization is the target of this genocide, America is the real plum.

    If America falls, no other nation will be able to withstand what is coming.

    The force of global tyranny now underway is more formidable than Hitler’s Third Reich and Stalinist Russia combined. Neither of those evil empires had this level of technology and propaganda devices at their disposal.

    For them, it’s go time. They’re in their final hour. They are into their end-game scenario. In order to complete this global coup d’etat, they must move with blitzkrieg speed to get the

    remaining holdouts injected or removed from society.

    That’s why we have seen increasingly aggressive rhetoric coming out of the mouths of

    Western puppet leaders in recent days.

    They are getting ready to replace the carrot and the stick with a baseball bat made of steel.

    French President Emmanuel Macron said this week that the unvaccinated in his country should be

    Please login to see this link. as much as possible by banning them from all of society.

    One day after Macron announced he was declaring war on his country’s remaining

    unvaccinated citizens, Italy and Austria followed suit.

    Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government had already made vaccination mandatory

    for teachers and health workers, and since October all employees have had to be vaccinated

    or show a negative test before entering the workplace.

    Refusal results in suspension from work without pay, but not dismissal.

    Austria has announced plans to make vaccination mandatory for those over the age of 14

    starting next month [February 2022], while in Greece it will be compulsory for over-60s

    starting Jan. 16 [2022].

    German leaders are siccing the police on people who appear in public without [face] masks.

    *Watch this video from Germany and prepare to be shocked.

    *Admin's Note:

    We tried to copy the Video Code from this Video so it could be posted (and played back) here;

    however someone has made that impossible!

    Please login to see this link.Please login to see this link.Please login to see this link. that country is likely to make

    vaccination mandatory in the coming months.

    Australia’s Northern Territory chief minister, Michael Gunner,

    Please login to see this link. harsh lockdown measures Thursday, Jan. 6 [2022], for unvaccinated citizens.

    Gunner told the unvaccinated that they are not to leave their homes to work, exercise,

    or for any reason other than “essential” shopping, providing care to the sick, and receiving medical treatment.

    *In the video below, skip ahead to the 5:22 mark and watch Gunner speaking his dictates to the unvaxxed

    at Thursday’s press conference.

    Those of us who know the truth will not bend or break.

    As we have learned from the growing number of brave doctors and scientists,

    these jabs contain a self-assembling network of wireless nanosensors.

    With each new shot or booster, more of the network is established as the shots create a type of scaffolding effect inside the person’s body.

    At some point, the recipients will begin to lose their humanity. At least that’s the plan.

    *I don’t think these wicked scientists at Big Pharma know exactly how things will turn out for the

    poor guy on his ninth or tenth booster.

    *Admin's Comment: This forum Administrator disagrees!

    Under-estimating the knowledge and power of these "Big Pharma" Nazis is very dangerous!

    Since their first BIG SUCCESS in 1978 - 1979 with their "test-tube" (Laboratory) created disease (AIDS), big pharma has come a long way in perfecting not only the type of diseases they can create, but in how they can be transmitted with pin-point accuracy; and perhaps even more importantly,

    how these created diseases can be made ("directed")

    to transform themselves into mutated diseases or muted activity.

    In short, AI (Artificial Intelligence) laboratory created diseases can now be developed

    with their own ability to transform into variations or "sub-species"!

    This is WHY there are so many "variants" of Covid-19!

    Article continued ....

    But because not enough people are buying the lies that they will need to be injected every five months

    to stay healthy, the power elites need to make another bold move.

    In some countries they will unleash the full force of military power against the unjabbed.

    If this happens in the U.S., it would likely involve forcibly detaining people in the camps that

    we know exist in every state.

    Australia has already gone this route so we know it’s on the drawing board for the other nations.

    Along with all of these mandates, the government continues to spend wildly in an apparent attempt

    to drive inflation and collapse the dollar.

    Are you ready for your money to become worthless?

    Are you ready for the challenges of severe deprivation?

    Are you prepared to feed yourself and help others?

    You may need to show a young family how to grow a garden, how to fix a car,

    how to do whatever it is that your skill set prepared you for in these troubling but exciting times.

    Remember, how you react under pressure reveals the real you.

    Brace yourself for impact. is 100 percent reader supported and is not beholden to any corporate sponsor or advertiser. You make send contributions c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

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    Running Time: 11 Min 51 Sec

    Please login to see this link.

    The Administration of Forum is pleased to present and show-case Independent Journalists

    who are shedding Light and Truth

    on the atrocities of those pushing for Vaccine Mandates, Vaccine Passports, and the "Great Reset".

    We have chosen to start off with Leo Hohmann of

    This forum will publish additional independent journalists if they meet are strict criteria.

    Spot on guys! Everything you said in the above post (#1) is true!

    I especially like those "points" (5) you made under: 'from a viewpoint of Numerology' ! ;)

    Thank you, Corky!

    As you know, I have spent many hours (more like months) studying and analyzing Numerology.

    I have had many successes in correctly "calling the shots" when it comes to issues like the above; so my "confidence level" is quite high

    on this particular issue. ;)

    Just recently Pope Francis went on record as telling his followers (brainwashed sheep) that humans are placing animals ahead

    of having children!

    This comes from a Pope who said approximately three years ago that Christians and Muslims are the same! :S

    How dare that frigging ass hole say that I (as an animal lover - and other individuals like me) are somehow "inferior" or "ungodly"

    because we choose to have pets in our homes rather than fucking and making more human kids! X(

    Pissed off human, and Admin of Forum


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